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Selasa, 25 November 2008

First step to LIKE WRITING...

Salam guys,

How to make yourself LIKE to write anything everyday? Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

According to my wife (credit to her), for the first time, spend at least 5 minutes everyday to write anything. Forget about the grammar, vocabulary or what so ever... who care except 'a friend' I think!!

Just spend 5 minutes a day... sound simple BUT.... it's hard to implement!!!
Huh, it was happened to me...
Previously, I had my daily report but now, it become burden to me to record everyday jobs...

My daily report saved as DateDay_format.doc and contains 3 things, which are:




The last daily report that I produced is on 05062008 Thursday, which is before I went back to Malaysia. What a shame!! Please come back before it is to late, Hafis!!

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