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Sabtu, 8 November 2008

Why my family and I move to Nottingham?

It seem to be a month I did not update this blog. For your info, my family and I have moved to Nottingham officially started on 23 October 2008. But why?

Obviously, it is because my wife is also started her PhD in the University of Nottingham. I think it is better to make it easier to her rather than let her travel alone. Let me sacrifice to travel alone at least 2 days a week for 30-45 minutes journey by car. In a week, my wife and I also have to arrange our timetable to take care of our kids.

Actually, this is not our main reason to move to Nottingham. Is it Nottingham more safer, more convenient and better than Loughborough? The answer is NO.

Previously, we live in 3 bedrooms semi-D house that has very large yard, off road parking and located in very silent area, suitable for study. Our neighbors also 'friendly'. This house is very near with my university. I only take 5 minutes to go to my office in Holywell Park. But now, it only become history for me.

The main reason is the rent in Loughborough is more expensive than Nottingham although Loughborough is just a small town (I have to admit) compared to Nottingham, a big city. So that I can't cover my traveling cost such as petrol (that also decreased nowadays). My rent in Loughborough and Nottingham differs for about £175!!

Frankly speaking, it is a 'big loss' to us by moving to Nottingham. We love to stay in Loughborough, knew a lot of Malaysian friends (even Nottingham community are more in term of numbers but we only know a few people just now) and absolutely, I have very close friend(s) here (Loughborough) that can share joy, experience and tear(?) together. Hopefully, our silaturahim will be last forever, insyaAllah.

Feel free to comment if I write something wrong here.... I know that my English is idiosyncratic compared to yours because I am left brainer.

2 ulasan:

  1. senang tak kalo nak bekerja kat Loughborough tu?

  2. Utk babechiwa, kat Loughborough, kalau nak cari kerja agak senang sebab kita ada pekerjaan turun temurun. If ada warga Melayu yang nak berhenti, ada orang Melayu lain akan ambil alih. Nak jadi 'floor engineer' di universiti pun agak senang...


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